Terms and conditions

Terms on condition when you buy a ticket


Västerås Summer Meet sells tickets for the event in Västerås 7-9 of July that take place on Johannisbergs airfield. If you have questions or any claims on the event or its implementation dont hesitate to contact us on info@vasterassummermeet.se or Klas Brink +46 70 420 22 50.

Terms of condition

You can regret your booking before you pay it. When you paid your are bound to your obligation. We dont exchange lost tickets and please note that the ticket is only valid once in our system.

Service and other fees

In addition to the ticket price we dont charge ant other fees.

Personal use

The tickets is only sold for personal use and is not permissible to be sold on commercial basis. You are allowed to transfer the ticket to anybody without notice.

Purchases, not according to terms of condition

Västerås Summer Meet reserve the right to void bookings or buys as well as close down a customer account if the customer dont leave correct data regarding themselves or violates or trying to violate the terms regarding conditions for buying tickets. The same terms in case of buying tickets for commercial use.

Cancelled event and reimbursement

The customer is responsible to check if the event is cancelled or moved to another location. If the event is cancelled or moved, the ticketholder have the possibility to get the money back if they contact us at the latest three months after the event should have taken place. Contact us about your claim and give us the accountnumber and other data we need to give you reimbursement. If we dont get that information the customer miss the right to reimbursement. Its Västerås Summer Meet that answers your questions about the right to get reimbursemant. Contact us on info@vasterassummermeet.se or Klas Brink +46 70 420 22 50.

Västerås Summer Meet is an event that is organized of Brinkens Garage AB 556711-0985.