Here is some information for those who have or want to have a marketplace at Västerås Summer Meets Swapmeet.

All sales must be car-related or belong to the lifestyle (not flea market). We prioritise car parts as it is the most requested.
No sale of food or drink is allowed, as we ourselves are responsible for all refreshments on the field.

The squares are 6 x 6 metres and cost 1500 SEK (no VAT on these). There will be a limited number of electrical sites closest to the entrance, at a cost of 1000 SEK + VAT in addition to the rent. The price for the rental of 1 market place includes a weekend band and the possibility to buy a maximum of 3 discounted entry bands.
An advance payment of SEK 500 per square will be charged to you upon registration, it is binding and non-refundable.

As a seller, you commit to staying open during the entire opening hours of the field.
There will also be separate toilets and shower facilities for you, as well as access to breakfast.

On Thursday evening, we will also organise an event for your sellers with some food and entertainment. There will be a limited number of tickets and we will sell it at a favourable price. NOTE! only pre-purchase!

You may have one car unit per sales area and one enthusiast car/sales band. You can stay overnight behind your sales box (max 4 people / box) and for everyone’s pleasure respect that this is a workplace, so it should be quiet at 23.00. We are careful that this is followed so that it does not become an alternative to the campsite and we naturally have surveillance during the nights.

The entry for you will preliminarily take place on Wednesday at 10.00-20.00 and Thursday morning 07.00-09.00.

Booking of the marketplace and any questions should be sent to info@vasterassummermeet.se.

We also offer places for those who want to empty the garage of car parts, tools, etc. that you no longer need. These places are rented out per day, but then overnight stays are not allowed and you empty your place when the field closes.