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Coolest Rockabilly hairstyle 2022

Under Miss Västerås Summer Meet we will also let the guys compete . Our finalists will show their amazinghairstyles and a Winner of Coolest Rockabillyfrilla 2022 will be selected. The winner 2019, Albert Feil from Germany. Foto : Gunnar Strand Here together with Celine von noir, Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2019     Our sponsors

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Greatest Sound 2022

The Winner 2019 Tommy Persson from Enköping with his Ford -31 beated Jonny Melander and his Cadillac -65 (with a secret Engine) in the final. This is a event for those who loves real sound, we’re talking about that engine sound that gives you goose bumps and makes you tremble. To participate you’ll need to

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