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Coolest Rockabilly hairstyle

During Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2018 we will also let the guys compete . Our finalists will show their amazinghairstyles and a Winner of Coolest Rockabillyfrilla 2018 will be selected. Our sponsors of this competition are Don Juan Pomace Europe, Raggaröl and Circle K.    

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Västerås Stad informs

Västerås Security Centre During Västerås Summer Meet, Västerås city has activated its security number – 021-39 39 00. Visitors and residents can call the number to report threats, violence, vandalism or an unsafe environment. Other examples when a visitor or a resident can call are: In case of a malfunction in the event area, litters

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Greatest Sound 2018 – Winner

The winner of this years competition is Lucas Lucas Nylund from Västerås with his Dodge Dart GTS 1968! This is a new event for those who loves real sound, we’re talking about that engine sound that gives you goose bumps and makes you tremble. To participate you’ll need to apply in advance to the email

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