Finalists in Miss Västerås Summer Meet competition

We will Crown a Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2020

The girls compete with clothes, hair and make up, and all of it in retrostyle , and of course, charm!
This 10 girls got the most votes on our voting on the website and they proceded to the final that is held during the Friday 14/8 out on Johannisbergs airfield during the car meet Västerås Summer Meet 2020!
The Winner of Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2020 will get a professionally photoshoot, that will be published in a big American magazine, Delicious Dolls Magazine, the winner will also be on next years meetsign together with the car that wins Best in show!
All finalists get free entrance under the whole weekend and multiple nice prices are promised.


Presentation of our finalists
Miss Tove , Sweden


I´m a 29 year old girl who drives timber truck. Live on a horse farm with my partner and have an Impala 64 and a veteran truck.

I´m a girl with a big sense of humor. I love the retrostyle and to stand in front of the camera.

It would be so cool to win the title and a big memory for life!


Meya De Ville, Finland


I’m a 26 year old Finnish full-live pinup girl chasing my dreams. I love my home built in 1955, V8 and anything oldfashioned and beautiful. I work with people with disabilities and special needs. My hobbies are besides pinup and our Finnish Luscious Ladies and Pin-Up Petrols groups, cars (Nissan Sunny -86 and Plymouth Fury -62), my four pets and second hand stores, I like finding treasures and doing some home decoration. Also nature is important to me, now I can hardly wait to get our new garden look amazing and go hiking next summer!

I used to do pinup modeling and contests a lot couple years ago and now I’ve been looking for inspiration, so here I am again, looking forward to challenging myself, meeting new people and having great adventures and memories 😄

I think I’d be great Miss Summer Meet 2020 because I live this lifestyle so full-hearted, been doing modeling before even though there was many people telling me that I’m nothing and trying to crush my selfconfidence. Now I’ve been talking at Pin-Ups against bullying campaign and learning to love myself and I believe I’d be good and kind example. Never let anybody stop you from pursuing your dreams.

Miss Lady K, Norway


I am a 52 year old Lady from Norway who loves retro and Hollywood styles.
At daytime I help People to get job ( Coach ) and in the evening I work in a fitnesssenter as an instructor. I love to Dance (Latino, Burlesque, Twerk, poleance and african, rock… you just name it .. just Dance and shake it looose baby 😉 ) My passion is to inspire other to Dance, and that is why I work as a danceinstructor. I also loves to sing and jodle, and of course drink beer 😉

I started as a Pinup in 2019. I was one of 10 finalist in Miss Pin up Norway 2019. It will be my first time in Västerås and I think it would be PERFECT to join the Pinup contest. I would love to be Miss Summer Meet. Get a new experiance, meet lovely People, having fun and it will be so COOL to get my Picture on beerbottles. And inspire other ladys to get a passion for retro an Hollywood styles 🙂

Miss Develine, Sweden


30 year old happy girl from Dalarna  who originally comes from beautiful Älvdalen. She drives a  lightgrey Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe from 1952 and her entire home is furnished in old style. Miss Develine collects clothes and jewelry from 40/50´s.

To be Miss Summer Meet would have given me a push in the right direction. I´m not comfortable with taking a big spot and take chances, but that is something we all should do more often!

Lucy Lockheed, Sweden


26 year old car crazy girl. I work as a helicopter engineer and spend my spare time in the garage with some project. Right now it´s my Amazon combi.
I really love to go to different car meets during the summer and go all in with the lifestyle, but the winters are also good because I have always something to do in the garage.

I would like to be Miss Västerås Summer Meet to inspire others to challenge and belive in themselves.
And  for me it would be a great honor to be on next years meet sign!

Miss Magic Heaven, Sweden


At Värnens pearl Mariestad you will find this competition dancing Rockabella from Uppsala.  A 25 year old tough girl with everything in her blood strives for  SM in Swedish Bugg with 50´s look.

With her cheering family and friends from Uppland and Skaraborg within the dance band and “raggar” culture, she will try again!

After a few stageperformances she´s almost there, not terrified being on stage.
So please, help Miss Magic Heaven to win, show that you can overcome things you thought were impossible.

Let this culture go on to next generation with dance and be a part of Swedens best carshow!

Miss Sofi Q, Sweden


I´m a 34 year old mother of 3 from Gällinge outside Kungsbacka. A former hairdresser who now works with construction, so I take every opportunity to dress up!
Exercise and health is very important to me.
In summertimes I go all in with cruising and carmeets, and I love every minute of what this culture has to offer.

It would be a great honor to me if I win Miss Västerås Summer Meet and and a proof of that you can do it if you just dare.
– Just a smile will get you far!

Liquorice La Marr, Finland


I’m a 43 year old vintage enthusiastic lady, who love the old Hollywood glamstyle.

Since a little girl I was completely drawn in to old american cars and motorcycles. Not to mention the rock’n roll music! Oh my ❤️ Luckily my father took me to the fairs and car meetings where I was able to learn about the old era and the cars. And the style. Everything.
My heart still beats on that same rhytm.

I am a woman with no doubt. And I truly hope to see you at the Västerås Summer meet this oncoming summer 💋

I want to show that age is just a number. Attitude and a wide smile are the things that counts in the end. And the style how you do it!

Miss Red Shimmer, Sweden


25 year old tough chick in a luxury package from Mariestad.

Works in healthcare and is very passionate in this motor culture.

Love everything that have a rumbling noise whether it has 2 or 4 wheels as long as it has nice paintjob.

Even though I have red lips, I´m a strong goalkeeper for my team  Ulvåkers IF.

In the weekends I take the car or motorbike to dances around the country.

After up and downs in life I will show that  you always get back on track.
Your age, shape and size don´t matter.

So please help Miss Red Shimmer to win Miss Västerås Summer Meet so she can hit the ball in goal and score!

Eva Euforia, Finland


I´m 23 years old and from Oulu, Finland. My style could be described as gothic meets pin-up. I take a lot of inspiration from fetish culture as well and it can be seen in my style. I am also a burlesque performer and I channel my style on stage as well. I love film noir femme-fatale aesthetic. I am an explosion of charisma and selfconfidence, never at loss for words neither on stage or off stage. My life is my fantasy!

I want to be Miss Summer Meet 2020, because I think I could offer something different to the Summer Meet legacy. I´m dark and fiery, mixture of liquorice and bittersweet. I have a lot to offer with my charismatic persona and self-made style, also I think the burlesque-side of me will fit perfectly within the pin-up scene. This would be an absolute dream come true for me and a huge opportunity to further my career. I also love vintage cars and have done so since I was a little girl.