Finalists in Miss Västerås Summer Meet competition

We will Crown a Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2023

This 10 girls got the most votes on our voting on the website and they proceded to the final that is held during the Friday 7/7 out on Johannisbergs airfield during the car meet Västerås Summer Meet 2023!

Don´t miss our “Meet and greet” with the finalists in Strip Bar at 1.30 pm, ther you can take the opportunity to talk a bit with the girls and wish your favourite the best of luck.

At 2.30 pm it´s time for the final at the Big stage. The girls compete with clothes, hair and make up, and all of it in retrostyle , and of course, charm!

The Winner of Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2023 will get a professionally photoshoot and be on next years meetsign and merchandice together with the car that wins Best in show!


Presentation of our finalists
Miss Diana Holiday, Sweden


A 30-year-old mother of 4, from Skåne with a penchant for the pinup style. I have been pinup/modelling for over 8 years and don’t plan to stop for a while!

Other hobbies include weight training, baking, sewing and drawing. In other words, I’m a creative type.

Motivation: Because it would of course be awesome to win this great title! But also to show and spread the joy pinup gives, both to myself but also others. Pinup is for EVERYONE!

To show the people that a tired 4-child mother, still got it, and that it is okay to do something just for yourself sometimes. To carry the title of Miss Summer Meet 2023 would be a great honour!


Bonnie Oh So Sparkly, Finland


I am a 36 year old firecracker, who sparks joy around! I’m a tropical pinup princess living in a wrong climate area, queen of hair accessories and quite a spectacle in general. I work in retail and used to be a backstage hostess for years. As a social butterfly I love to be surrounded by people, the more a like the better! Always willing to lend a helping hand for others, especially for a fellow pinup.

Let’s admit, I do not have so much experience with competitions, but I’m eager to see how far my wings can carry me.

Miss Sweet Kiss, Sweden


I am a girl of 26 years old who lives a retro life with all that it entails! I live with my wonderful partner and our crazy cat, in the garage is also our ¨Bella¨ which is a Cheva from 1958 belair. In everyday life I work as an excavator operator, but at the weekend it will be to go a little cheva with friends through our elongated country.

A dream that I have had for as long as Summer Meet has existed is to be able to decorate the cover of the meeting and be able to tell people that you are proud to have that opportunity, but also to just stand on stage with all the other beautiful girls and feel the feeling that you have come so far! So if I were to win, it would mean so much to me.

Lucky Rose, Sweden


I am a 20 year old girl from Surahammar, who loves rockabilly, retro and American cars. You could say that I am pretty much raised with everything that has to do with rockabilly and the ragga culture :). Have always been able to cruise in the family’s cars and seen everyone around me dressed in lovely retro style. But this year I have my first own car to cruise around in and my first real pinup competition!

Since I was really little, I have always admired and been curious when family members always dressed up for cruising. I always wanted to try putting on make-up and wearing the lovely polka dot dresses that my mum always wore. I want to win Miss Summer Meet 2023 because it has been a dream I have had since I was very small, it would be so much fun to fulfil the dream I have had since childhood!

Kitty Cupcake, Sweden


I am a rockabella, 40 years young, who loves the 40s/50s and the pinup style, aspiring truck driver, screws with my old Volvo cars, loves to go on road trips, gigs and car meetings and to camp with my vintage caravan. The old style is our lifestyle, so it is reflected in clothes, interior design, cars, and most things. I love being both behind and in front of the camera and mostly shoot pinup and vintage. I have competed in pinup competitions a few times before and it is just as fun every time and so wonderful to meet new people!

I want to be Miss Summer Meet 2023 because I want to inspire and be a role model for all those who want to, but do not dare to take the step. I want to show that anyone can become a pinup, you just need to be yourself, have a twinkle in your eye and offer a laugh!

Miss Sweet Devil, Norway


I’m a happy girl from Norway that loves the fifties, pinup style ant the cars , I have a son age 11. Hi also like the fifties and am-cars. I work in a autogarage in the reception and also as a mechanic. Im a little shy at first but I am my self all the time.

I want to be in Miss Summer Meet 2023 because I wanna show everybody that now mater how scared you are you can do it. And show that it doesn’t matter how you look ore type of body ore age that is important. But to love yourself how matter what and be nice to other people and bring them up. And that’s the power you bring to the world. ND I love the pinup community because everybody are welcome ❤️

Miss Lady Cherryred, Sweden


I am a 29 year old valley girl who grew up in the forest. Fell into automotive interest thanks to my brother. Trained car mechanic, working at a petrol station. Mum to a boy and also cat mum to a whirlwind.

Happy, cheerful and full of energy. Changes her hair colour from time to time.

I would like to win to prove to myself that I can, and it’s only me who sets the boundaries and limits myself. A fun and exciting thing in my life before I turn 30.

Josefin Diamond, Sweden


Happy girl of 36 years who lives in Vikarbyn together with my 3 children.

I drive a matte black Amazon 65 that I love.
It rests over the winter and then there is always something to fix before you can start it up and go again in the spring.
It spreads a lot of joy among both young and old when you are out driving.

I like to take my car and go to flea markets and car meetings during spring/summer.

I love everything about the 50s.

Clothes, make-up, the music that is usually played on the gramophone at home, the cars, the decor. Yes, everything!

My home is decorated with everything from the 40s and 60s, a lot of teak but also with a lovely mix of atomic.

Leisure time is spent with the children and the boyfriend who also shares the same interest.

It would be so fun to be involved in this and create new friends and experiences.

If I am not out in the Amazon or hanging out with family and friends, I am in the stables.
Then it’s extra fun to turn it into something nice when you get home and put on some red lipstick 😊. Looking forward to your meeting and everything the summer of 2023 has to offer.

It would be an honour to inspire others to dare, take the chance and believe in themselves, to inspire women that everyone is good enough and it is so much fun to be involved in.

As well as an honour to advertise and spread joy for your meet during the year and carry the title of Miss Summer Meet.

Lady Livley Lynn, Sweden


I am a 39 year old girl from Östhammar.
A few years ago I started my journey towards body acceptance, better self-esteem and being a good role model for my daughter.

For my and my husband’s 10th wedding anniversary, I did a budoair photo shoot. And soon after that I created a pin up name and an instagram account dedicated to myself.

In August ’22 I stood on stage for the first time in a pin-up competition, at the Forsmark meet. And I won! Last week I was in the final of the first Miss Winter, which was held at the Wheels Nat’s cruise. There I came second.

Participating in pinup competitions has become a way to challenge myself, build my self-esteem while keeping up with my hobbies.

I like sewing and crafting, being creative and enjoying colours and shapes. I find it fun to plan, think through, combine and thus have a well-thought-out outfit from head to toe.

I also have an interest in vintage clothes, history, interior design and music – everything that makes the Rockabilly style.

Together with my husband I bought a Hudson Commodore and an SMV caravan last year.

Why we like it: Just Miss Summer Meet has felt a bit big and scary. But I have to challenge myself… and Summer Meet is one of the biggest events we have. Even though I’m shy and insecure, I love being seen and getting attention, and the fact that the winner will be featured on next year’s flyers, t-shirts and beer bottles is obviously appealing…

Doris Oh Darling, Finland


I am a social and sympathetic 33-year-old nurse from Southern Finland. If I hear the rhythm of dance music, I always start dancing a bit. I live with old films and love old cars, magazines and 50s style.

If you want some sunshine and bubbly laughter, I’m your next Miss Summer Meet 2023.