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Teasin Tina

I’m a happy and excited girl and I am 30 years old from the beautiful south, that being Ystad in Skåne.
I like everything with the 40s-50s, the music, the cars, the clothes and more. I love standing in front of and behind the camera, whenever I get the possibility, I do.
It would have been wonderful to become Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2018 and to show everyone that never believed in me all years in school. I want to show girls that it is possible to be strong no matter where you are from. 

Miss Sarah Dee

A 24 year old truck driver from Växjö who has a burning interest for rockabilly and the pinup culture.
I am a lovely and happy girl with cheer and joy and always close to a laugh. I love meeting new people that share my interest.
Miss Sarah Dee wants to be Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2018 to join and prove that everyone are good enough, no matter age, size or looks. This is a culture that takes care of eachother and welcomes anyone. Everyone are their own person and put their own touch on the whole.
To be able to show you the charm with red lips, good music, wide beautiful dresses and a wonderful community is just the cherry on top.

Miss Billy-Rose

Happy 21 year old girl, who hides in the forests of Småland and scare the neighbours at night when I drive my loud black and white 60s eyecandy. I have a burning passion for beauty, dance and engines.
Miss Billy-Rose wants to be Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2018 because it would be such a crazy fun experience and she loves to be seen.
And don’t forget about the pleasure of meeting so many other people with the same passion.

Lady Border

I am a blithesome and positive 24 year old from Uppsala, that looks at life easily. Interested in times that has been, the music, the cars, the clothes. I dance Bugg multiple times a week and I compose my own music.
I want to be Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2018 because I feel like I am meant to be on stage and make my unground talent as a pinup model a reality. And by doing this being able to come out of my bubble I have so long been in. This is my chance to get a place in the spotlight.

Miss Juicy Fruit

A small girl wth a big car!
An excited 20 year old that grew up in Heby but now living in Linköping. During the summers, my Ford Pickup from -66 is my second half. I do the style from head to toe and my entire apartment goes in 50s style. I dance Bugg and Boogie Woogie and love to turn up the speakers to for exmaple Si Cranstum.
Miss Juicy Fruit wants to win the title to get more teenagers and young adults interested in this style and fully do it. I would myself not be able to live without all this!

Miss Annie May

I am a slightly plump girl from Dalarna, that love the colorful rockabella style, driving old american cars and get crazy on the dancefloor. I also love standing in front of the camera, which I often do for a rolling underwear boutique in a retro buss.
It would be a great honor to be able to join and compete, both to show myself and everyone else that we are beautiful just the way we are.

Miss Lina

Miss Lina is a happy and excited girl, 37 years old from Veddige, who loves life.
I have seen life from the hard side, but I’m not intending to start a crystory. What I have gone through and go through makes me a better person. Alone with my son, 15 years, and I’m the mom that my sons friends wants to hang out with. Cars and big machines are a part of every day. I work in a proffesion dominated by men so it is extra fun to be super feminine then.
I have been on many meets but never in Västerås… Shamepillow on, I know. But other things have always appeared.
So why not become Miss Västerås Summer Meet when you come the first time. Something my son can be even more proud about. Since I have discovered I like to stand infront of the camera. Just imagine standing on scene and rub shoulders with the all the girls who put all time on the makeup, clothes, hair and those who just love the pinup culture. Working slowly but surely on my small modelling career here on slightly older days.

Miss DeDe Wilde

Social and happy girl that lives in Småland, loves to hang out with friends and family. Studying to become an assistant nurse and looking forward to the summers meets and new experiences!
I did my first pinup photoshoot 2015 and I instantly loved it! After that I was brave enough to take myself out to more contests and I felt how i wanted to grow in to that role. I grow more and more every day. But to become Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2018 would be a dream come true. It would mean I could grow even more and get even a step closer to my dream of being a big pinup model. When I found this life, i found right.

Miss Kris

Hi! I’m Miss Kris from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. I’m a 28 year old pin up model, stylist and a rockabilly culture enthusiast. For me pin up is way of life. I live by it not only for photos but I wear it every day to inspire other people. I have been passionate about 40-50s for more than ten years. I always find something new for myself and dive in it more and more. I am currently a pin up make up artist and hairstylist and I help girls to reveal their feminity with pin up style.

In September, I took part in the Pin Up Finland and took 3rd place.

I love american cars and pin-up style. And I know a lot about this! It would be a great pleasure for me to be a part of the biggest show in Europe!

Miss Bella Divine

Social and excited Norwegian girl with great interest in pinup and this way of life. I have grown up with V8s, old good pilsner cars and Johnny Cash from childhood so I can safely say that this with rockabilly, the 50s and the american 50s culture has been with me forever, with a childhood of horn goggles and leopard tights and look back on. Got Elvis together with breast milk and then became a “totally” rockabilly saved pinup girl. With an idol like Doris Day, this is really something I’m burning for!
I participated in 2017 and will come back stronger this year. Will show how far I’ve come in a year with a lot of corrections, focus and improvement. I was so fond of the scene in Västerås last year and really want to return. It was an experience that can not be described. I want to show you how far you can get in a short time only you have an interest in it and bring a new sense of self-esteem and attitude. The title Miss Summer Meet is something that would have been told for generations, generally just silent, but I will be the cool “grandma” once upon a time that can tell her grandson about what happened when i was young.

Kitty von Puuurfect

A charming 39 year old girl from Värmland. I have never really believed in myself, but last year I contended for Miss Västerås Summer Meet and finished on second place, can you believe a mom with three kids dared to compete and came second place, wow.
I was completely speechless and lyrical for weeks after. Så this year I want to be Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2018, I want to be on the front of the posters and I want to show that you do not need to be a model to succed, you can be a frayed mother of three who loves rockabilly culture and everything about it. Proud would I be and I think I could make more dare to join.
Kisses and hugs
Kitty von Puuurfect

Roxella von Rebell

Tough broad in luxury packaging, hehe!
Nah, but married with the man I met in college. Celebrating 15 years this year. Carcrazy 33 year old donna who lives in Upplands Väsby and is a member of the worlds best carclub. In my opinion! 😛
Educated makeup artist. Like everything creative: Singing, dance, makeup, tattoos, playing instruments and more. Was only born with the right side of the brain kinda. I’m worthless at math and other boring things like that!! Spontaneous and fun. I often hear Í´m a supportive person who always is there for you! =) No kids but we wish to get, so we keep fighting! Until then I live life in the moment, carpe diem so to say 😉
Why would you not want to be the one that gets to get all the attention for a whole year? It would be amazing to show myself and become Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2018!

Miss Silver Freak

I am a slightly crazy redhead tattoed mom on 27 years that lives on a farm in Västerås and works as a hairdresser!
My interests are my horse, my dog, renovating my house, and of course, cars, i really love driving my Pontiac -48 Silver Streak and go around looking at different car meets.
It’s a childhood dream to win a real pinup contest like Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2018!
I have loved the cars, the style and the culture since a little kid
Would be so proud to be a part of Swedens best carmeet!

Lucy Lockheed

Carcrazy broad on 24 years from Linköping who is raised among old american cars and with dragracing. On weekdays I work with building helicopters. On my spare time I build my Amazon-kombi or 63a Impala, if I am not at a carmeet of course!
I want to challenge myself to something new, and this will be my first summer I try competing in a pinup contest. I also want to inspire and give courage to other girls who consider starting the same thing. Then I think like last years winner, who doesn’t want to be on a beerbottle?! I want to be for sure!

Miss Dolly Donut

32 year old from Haninge who loves american car and pinup culture, animals, movies and more. I make my own hairflowers and jewelery.
I have been a pinupmodell on hobby level for 5 years, I took a pinup course after two years to learn more. I got a lot of new friends and fans.
I have participated in some pinupcontests, but I have not gotten to stand on the podium. Since I became a pinup model I have received so many lovely compliments on how I look and I have taught others how to fix makeup and hair.
I want to be Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2018 because it would be really fun to be able to take the next step in my pinup journey!
I want to guide new girls who are curious about the culture and how you are a pinup the right way.
I want to show that anyone can be a pinup model and that you do not have to be tall and skinny but that all sizes are welcome when you are a pinup model. Which is amazing! My confidence and self esteem has grown like crazy since i became a model



Happy girl that lives with two cats out on the country. I love driving my Beetle during the summer at different car meets, to check garage-sales or just to drive. Love the lifestyle with the music, the cars and the clothes!
I want to be Miss Västerås Summer Meet because it would be such an awesome prestation since I have had a really shitty year behind me. It would get me back on track, get me to look forward and show that I am good the way I am!

Oopsy Caramel

A latvian 40 year old mother of 3, that moved to Västerås. Loves to go to car meets in my red Cadillac cab 1957. Our house has been a café, a country shop and a gas station with ancestry from the 40th and has now been filled with old nostalgic things. It has now taken the role as a natural gathering spot for people all around Mälardalen that shares our interest. I have never competed before, but with my personality and charm I Think I would be a perfect ambassador for Västerås Summer Meet!

Miss BellaDeBell

Is a happy and positive girl on 25 years from Leksand who loves life, horses, my rabbits and working out!
I want to become Miss Västerås Summer Meet because it would really have been super fun and I would love to be a new face outwards in the world of pinup!

Kitty Cupcake

A happy woman in my best years, who loves rockabilly and pinup culture. Mother to two wild boys and parter and live with my northern husband who shares my interest for rockabilly style. I have mostly stood behind the camera and photographed as the passionate hobby photographer I am. Projectleader and photographer for Nordiska Pinuppor (Nordic Pinups), so I wanted to take a shot and see what I go for.
Building on cars sometimes and I rather ride in one of our old Chevys or the Amazon than a fresh produced ”car”. Love to do my makeup and do pincurls and make nice hairstyles, both on myself and others. There are few things that lift a bad days as well as a perfect makeup. I am a strong woman who is not afraid of getting shit under my nails… as long as my lipstick where it’s supposed to be!
It would be such a boost for me to win, not to mention such a great honor to represent and be a part of Swedens greatest car meet!

Lady Tezzilitiouz

I would like to describe myself as a happy positive and energetic girl on 35 years.
Love this style and culture, the joy in people you meet on all different events both in our circuits, but especially when you meet people in all different occasions. I would more than gladly help people change the way people look at them selves and se amazing transformation when they ask for help to dress up, even if just for one night.
I want to be Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2018 because it is so damn fun to spread the joy our every day, culture and affinity gives.

Miss Blueeyes

Mother on 52 years from Falun with four, now big, children. My great interest is my Chev-57a that I have owned soon 11 years. Love everything with both 40s and 50s style: cars, music and clothes!!! Love to drive V8 and love to drive without destination just to hear the sound and feel the engine.
It would be fun to win because I probably will be the oldest and I would like to show others that it is never too late to dare to try something you never have done before and that you can be a pinup model even though you are not 25 anymore