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Miss Baby Peaches

Big, Redhead and Beautiful!
Miss Baby Peaches is 26  year old and comes from Storvreta.
She wants to be Miss Västerås Summer Meet to show that size doesn’t matter. Even plus size girl without giant heels can be succesful and fabulous.

Miss Sarah Dee

A 23 year old pinup crazy truck driver from Växjö with skin on her nose.
Miss Sarah Dee wants to compete to show people how amazing the culture we have in our cars, music, dotted dresses and red lips.

Miss Billy-Rose

Happy and down-to-Earth 20 year old from Vaggeryd in the forests of Småland. I have the culture in my soul and I love to screw on my Ford Cortina. For the first time im competing and I think that it will be really fun to meet people with the same interests and style like me.

Ruby De Rouge

Frisky mother of three that is 32 years old and finally found her self. A true Rockabillychick that works on Biltema in Lidköping and a proud calendergirl for Nordiska Pinuppor.
Ruby de Rouge wants to show that its never to late to let your inner cookie show, unregardless of age, looks or size.

Miss Josy Fruit

A small girl wth a big car!
Happy 19 year old from Heby that loves the  40th-60th. Drives an old 66:ans Ford Pickup F100. Loves the music and has been bugging for years. Miss Jusy Fruit wants to vin the title to get more youths interested by this style and have the courage to wear the clothes and everything that is connected to it. Could not live without all this.


Lotte von B.

Lotte von B. is a 34 year old vintage modell from Holland. She lives and breathes the fifties and Rockabilly, visits car-meets all over Europe both in her modelling job and for fun!

Miss Velvet

Miss Velvet is a 28 year old mom from Dalarna that loves tattoos. She loves to stand infront of the camera and always has a smile on her lips. In the summer she drives her White Pearl, a Ford Galaxie 63 1/2. She wants to become Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2017 to get her career going.

Miss DeDe Wilde

Social 23 year old chick from Uppsala that now lives in Västervik. Works as a personal assistant and spends alot of time in the garage and on different events and meets. Gets a lot of inspiration from the fifties-sixties clothes, music, cars and therefore creates her own. The competition is a challenge and I want to show everone that I can do it, you just need to be brave.

Miss Lily Sunshine

I present my self as a frisky, creative and beatific chick on 26 years från Östervåla, that cant live without the groovy music! Loves to get dirty in the garage, paint furniture, cook and sew dresses.
-I want to be Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2017 to prove for many that you do not have to be size 0 to be comfortable with yourself, and instead show an acceptans and safety by rocking the curves with a smile on the face!

Miss Bella Divine

Miss Bella Divine is 19 years old and comes from Norway. Because her mother is a tattoo artist she made sure she was always the nicest dressed kid on the street, dressed in Rockabilly clothes and leopard patterns, which has of course affected her and been with her all the time. She loves the pinup style and the contest makes her take a step outside her comfortzone.

Kitty von Puuurfect

Glad and warm värmländska in her best years! A fiery 38 year old from Torsby, always with a glimpse in her eye and on the brink of laughter. Has a big interest for the fifties, the cars, the clothes, the hair and the music.
– Five years ago i never thought I would be a pinup modell, but now when I am here I love it. To be able to represent something as big as Västerås Summer Meet would be a dream.

Miss Diana Holiday

Girl from Skåne on 24 years that cant get enough of the pinup and retro culture!
I visit as many carmeets as possible with my family. I am creative and do the most by my self, sew a lot of own clothes and love to draw.
It would be a great honor to be Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2017 and show the happines and feminity that a pinup should have. We women are strong and may be proud of how we look!

Fifi von Tassel

Fifi von Tassel is a 30 year old norweigan and international awarded burlesqueartist and pinup from Oslo. She describes her as a political happinesspill in string panties and her goal is to get you to love yourself, one curve at the time… She wants to show that it is not bound to one bodytype and that you should be comfortable in your own body, there are place for everyone and what isnt a better way to prove that other than competing in a pinupcontest with so many beautiful and good ladies!

Miss Bonnie Puff

An 18 year old from Skåne, Åstorp that dreams of being a famous pinup model. Miss Bonnie Puff is in the Nordiska Pinuppors calender 2017.

She loves everything that has to do with the 40th and 50th, its her only big interest.
-Being Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2017 would be good for my self-confidence and help me achieve my dream!


Too glam to give a damn!
Rockaholicdoll is a wonderful 27 year old from Stockholm.
– It would have been rock´n roll to be the first Miss Västerås Summer Meet and i want to show that you do not need to be undressed and sexy to be a good looking pinup!



This 29 year old girl from the Forests in Närke likes to drive her Beetle -73 to car shows, flea markets, picnics, and other adventures! Dances lindyhop when she doesn’t work as a janitor.
-I love to dress up retro and i feel naked without my red lipstick!-To be ale to win would push me to work harder on my pinup career!

Baiba the Best

A latvian 40 year old mother of 3, that moved to Västerås. Loves to go to car meets in my red Cadillac cab 1957. Our house has been a café, a country shop and a gas station with ancestry from the 40th and has now been filled with old nostalgic things. It has now taken the role as a natural gathering spot for people all around Mälardalen that shares our interest. I have never competed before, but with my personality and charm I Think I would be a perfect ambassador for Västerås Summer Meet!


Slightly crazy chick on 21 years from Enköping. Drives truck during the days. Love animals, nature and art in all forms but the rockabilly culture is the big interest.
-It would be extremely fun to compete since I am raised with this, it is my lifestyle!

Vicky Va Va Va Voom

A 34 year old pinup model from Stockholm that ended up in the wrong decade! Embraces everything that has to do with 40th and 50th both in my normal life and to parties.
With interest for the whole culture and style, hair, makeup and music I think that I can claim the title with honor!

Miss Molly Sue

A 30 year old girl from Arvika with some extra fire in both eyes and soul! Have had a tough life but on later years started to find myself and enjoy it.
Like to dress up in beautiful dresses, with matching makeup and hair, other than that my big passion is baking. To be able to join and compete is something new I really need and want. Life is an adventure so why not keep doing what you think is fun!

Cherry Liqueur

I’m a fiery redhead from Finland with many passions in life. I’ve always felt that if anything’s worth doing, it’s worth doing as well as you possibly can, and that’s why I always give 110%.
– I worked in the US for a while, then I really became interested in  American vintage.
Miss Cherry Liqueur won both Miss Pin-Up Finland 2016 and Miss Retro Pinup Finland 2016.
I love the celebration of femininity in the pin-up scene and pin-up, to me, is also about body positivity and about embracing your whole persona as the amazing creature that you are.