Finalists in Miss Västerås Summer Meet competition

We will Crown a Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2019

The girls compete with clothes, hair and make up, and all of it in retrostyle , and of course, charm!
This 10 girls got the most votes on our voting on the website and they proceded to the final that is held during the Friday 5/7 out on Johannisbergs airfield during the car meet Västerås Summer Meet 2019!
The Winner of Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2019 will get a professionally photoshoot, that will be published in a big American magazine, Delicious Dolls Magazine, the winner will also be on next years meetsign together with the car that wins Best in show!
All finalists get free entrance under the whole weekend and multiple nice prices are promised. We are sponsored by Interflora, Sätrabrunn, Mooneyes Sweden, Butik Essibella, Fröken söt, Johannas Rockabilly, Sweet Poison, Rockmama and more.


Presentation of our finalists
Shirley So Sweet


I´m a 29 year old hairdresser and make-up artist in small town called Ylivieska at Northern Ostrobothnia Finland. I live with my boyfriend and Rudy-dog. My hobbies are walking my dog, go to gym, boxing and circus school. I’m also part of the pin-up show group BonBon Bellas and I also do solo and duo burlesque acts!
I like doing handicraft and when I have time I make pin-up styled jewellery and sell them on facebook and 50’s style car events and fairs. I´ve been interested in pin-up for about 7 years, it’s so nice to wear womenly clothing, hair and makeup on point and it’s easy to be smiling when twirling full circle skirts! Year 2014 I intended to Pin-up Finland but I did’t have any experience at all. Now I’ve got lots of more experience and attitude!
I would like to win Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2019 because I’m ready for it! I’m very good making pin-up styled hair and make-up. I have allready done some modeling and know a about posing, I’m confident on stage. I think I’m good example for younger girls as been friendly and smiling 🙂 a ready package!


Miss Cherry Lin Fairlane


Miss Cherry Lin Fairlane,36 year old from Hedemora in Sweden. Works as a pharmacy technician. A happy “Dalkulla” who spends many miles in my Ford Fairlane 1958. I have loved the Rockabilly culture for several years now. I feel a bit like my car, it has some years on it´s back but still good and functional!
The outside is nice, but the inside will need a small renovation:-)
Like singing and dancing, but sings rather than good.
It would be a great honor to be Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2019. To represent us shy souls and to be a Classic model our to next generation

Miss Tone


I´m a 27 year old girl from Kristiansund in Norway. I haven´t got any american car on my own but I grew up with a father who had a strong interest in american cars. I love the 1957 Chevy Bel air, and Cadillac 1955 Elderado cab.  my other big interest is dance. I work as a teacher i preschool.

It had been a new experience for me to win Miss Västerås Summer Meet, an experience to move on with!

Miss Magic Heaven


With a grandpa who is an old car enthusiast,”raggare”and with parents who are dancebands musicians,she´s got it all in her blood. The cars, the style and the culture!
I´m a 24 year old strong chick, compete in bugg, grown up in Uppsala but now living in Mariestad.

She will proof for herself that she can do this, even though she is terrified being on stage. So please, help Miss Magic Heaven to win to get more teenagers and young adults interested in this lifestyle and let this culture go on to next generation.

I want to be strong, show that I can do this and I will be a part of Swedens most magical carmeet!

Ce Ce Bombshell


I´m a 29 year old pinup lifestyle woman from Kokkola in Finland. Working as a childrens nurse and I also have a blog.
I´ve been doing pinup modeling for a couple of years and last year I was one of the finalist in Pin up Finland 2018.
I would like to be Miss Västerås Summer Meet 2019 to show that a plussize short girl like me can be an amazing role model and inspiration for children an women who struggle with their looks in our modern society!

Miss Elin


I´m a 24 year old girl from Karlskrona and I´m working for Schenker. In the weekends I use to go on carmeets and other different events. I´m a happy and positive women with a twinkle in my eye!

I would like to be Miss Västerås Summer Meet to show that you can take the step and do something you really want to do, even though you don´t have any experience at all.  I have never been a model or done something like this before, but I´m ready to  belive in my self and really think I can do it.

Tatiana Black


I am a snow white 22 year old beauty from Finland and Miss Pin-Up Finland 2018 winner!
I am at my best when doing pin-up shoots and style, and I looove to dress up, do my hair and makeup! I enjoy doing crafts, mostly knitting, sewing and designing. I also do some harder crafts with wood like furniture. My pets are two beautiful, 9-year-old cockatiels!

I want to be a new big pin-up model around the world!
I need new experiences and winning this competition would be one amazing experience. I know that I have what it takes to be a model and I have unique look for that. I’m good doing sweet, cute, innocent pin-up, but also doing dark and sexy styles. I am a kameleont!

Baiba the best


A latvian 42 year old mother of 3, that moved to Västerås. We love to go to car meets, like Västerås Summer Meet, in my red Cadillac cab 1957 and meet other people with the same interest. Our house is filled with old nostalgic things andt it has now taken the role as a natural gathering spot for people all around Mälardalen that shares our interest. I love the rockabilly lifestyle, the clothes in strong colours, the hair and makeup that really shows your eyes and lips.

It would be a great honor for me and I think I would be a perfect ambassador for Västerås Summer Meet 2020 with my personality and charm!

Kitty Cupcake


A happy 36 year old woman,and mother of 2 boys. I live in Köping but I´m spending a lot of time in Västerås with my boyfriend and I´m also working there as a  a mechanic.
I have had the pin up style for 5 years now and this i really me. I love Life, I´m laughing a lot and I always got a smile on my lips. I really like nice dresses, high heels, doing my hair and I can´t live without my red lipstick!
The rockabilly style with the clothes, the music and the sound of a V8 motor is just my kind of melody!
I´m running a Project called Nordiska Pinuppor, we make and sell piupcalenders and the profit goes to charity.
I did my first pinup competition last year. I was one of the finalists here in Västerås Summer Meet but I had no luck and a very bad self-confidence. It would be great to get another chance.

I want to show that anyone can be a pinup model and that we all are beautiful just the way we are. If I win it would be a dream come true and what an honor to represent and be a part of Swedens greatest car meet!

Celine von noir


I´m a 32 year old girl who has grown up in the Rockabilly culture. I have an Oldsmobile super 88 from -53 and my wardrobe is filled with clothes from the 40´s and 50´s.

True joy is to drive my Olds to a dance in an old “Folkpark”.
You can almost feel the the time from the past…….

I hope I will win because it would be a great honor to be on next years tinsign.