Västerås Stad informs

Torsdag 5/7 -lördag 7/7


Västerås Security Centre

During Västerås Summer Meet, Västerås city has activated its security number – 021-39 39 00. Visitors and residents can call the number to report threats, violence, vandalism or an unsafe environment. Other examples when a visitor or a resident can call are:

  • In case of a malfunction in the event area, litters and damages.
  • At risk of accidents

The Security Centre is open from 12:00-02:00 Thursday-Saturday

If the situation is particularly threatening or dangerous, you should contact the police in the first instance. The Emergency number in Sweden is 112.

Traffic information for residents and visitors

Västerås city has launched a new web portal with current traffic information, where there are cruising routes, road blockings and other information. The purpose is to collect current traffic information and possible traffic disturbances in one place. The web portal is located on Västerås city website and in the app Mitt Västerås. During Västerås Summer Meet, information about the portal will be found on the website’s homepage. The address is: www.vasteras.se/summermeet

The app Mitt Västerås

With the help of the app Mitt Västerås it is possible to access the web portal for visitors and residents. In addition, it is also possible to subscribe and receive direct information about the traffic via push notifications. The app is available where you download your apps.


Traffic signs: All drivers must follow the road signs; otherwise the driver will be guilty of violation of the traffic regulations.

Speed: Within the organizer’s cruise area, the maximum speed limit is indicated on each road. According to current law, drivers are required to adapt the speed to what traffic safety demands, which means that during cruising they should adjust their speed to the surrounding traffic. Keep your speed consistent with the rest of the cruisers. On “Stora gatan”, between “Slottsgatan and Kopparbergsvägen” is the maximum speed, for those participating in the best cruising-award, walking speed.

Number of passengers: You may only bring so many passengers and place them in such a way that there is no danger and the vehicle can be driven in a safe way.

Passengers:  It is not permitted to travel on the car’s hood or roof, in the trunk or sit on the backrest of the car seats. Passengers must sit down in the car.

Platforms: It is permitted to travel on platforms if there are sturdy protective rails of at least 110 centimeter. The benches or the seats must be properly attached to the car.

Belt: Drivers and passengers must wear seatbelts.

Burnouts: Burnouts are not allowed.

Authorized traffic on Sjöhagsvägen: On Friday, between 17:00 and 19:00, only authorized traffic may be driven for display at Sjöhagsvägen, in both directions (Strandbron-Kungsängesgatan, between väg 537/Johanniesbergsvägen in the west and Sigurdsmotet (Kungsängsgatan) in the east.