Information from the police

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Are you going to participate in the car cruise during Summer Meet in Västerås?
This applies when
travelling on the cruise line.

  • The maximum speed is 20 km/h
  • You can only bring as many passengers and place them in such a way that there is no danger, and that the vehicle can be transported
    in a safe way
  • It is not allowed to travel on the hood, roof, luggage space or sitting on the backrest
  • Passengers should sit down in the car
  • The driver has the main responsibility for his/her passengers and luggage on the cruising route and for the vehicle to be carried
    out in a safe way
  • It is permissible to travel on flatbeds if there are strong protective rails that are at least 110 centimeters
  • Burnouts are not allowed

The police work to make Summer Meet a nice, traffic safe and quiet event for all visitors and inhabitants of the city of Västerås.

We wish everyone a nice Summer Meet!


Contacting the police

The non-emergency number to the Swedish police is 114 14.

In an emergency, call 112.


Visit the police

The police are on site with a mobile office at Lögarängsvägen.

Office opening hours:

Thursday 15-01

Friday 15-01

Saturday 15-01