Parallel V8 rally on Västerås Motor Stadion

Wednsday 5 july

Västerås Motor Stadion

Västerås Motorsociaty, in cooperation with Västerås Summer Meet, organizes a parallelrally for American V8 cars.

2017 was the first year! Not many participants but a big audience success! Therefore, Västerås Motorsällskap, together with Västerås Summer Meet, wants to create a parallelrally for US V8 cars as a tradition along with regular rallycars.

This year it will take place on July 4th the same week as Västerås Summer Meet is arranged. We will drive at Västerås Motor Stadium. Two V8 in width, starting at the same time in parallelracing lane, on time. Race time around two minutes ago and then next cars start. Fastest time wins and will go to next level!

The only requirement we have on the car is that it is American, has a V8 and that there is a working belt.
Helmet on the driver and then you can race!
The car does not have to be inspected. Only it has a working driveline and brakes, then we’re race ready. Do you only have a car but several interested drivers? Then you share the same car!
– Registration and a short Control of the car at 4 pm
– Meeting with all drivers at 5 pm
– The first line up/start at 6 pm

The race line will be a mixture of gravel and asphalt.

You can not miss this!
Out and look in your garage what’s up for V8 American car. Exhaust pipe? Mufflers not necessary an evening like this, we like the sound! Only check if it starts, belt and brakes work, if  yes, sign up for Västerås MS on phone 021-38 41 00 in the mornings.

For those who cannot find any car to race with, you are welcome to watch and like the noise and smell of the cars!
We will also drive traditional rallycars in the afternoon and evening!

See you there!