Meet Fast Freddy and Speedgroup

Thursday, friday and saturday

Johannisbergs Airfield

The Drag Racing Superstar Fredrik ”Fast Freddy” Fagerström from Stockholm and his pick-up, which he races in the fastest of the doorslammer class, Pro Modified, will be on site at Johannisbergs flygfält during Västerås Summer Meet. Twice a day at noon (12) and 16 o clock, Freddy and the crew will fire up the 3 000 hp strong methanol engine. More activities in Speedgroups´ stand: For children and youngsters we have a Junior Drag Bike and Junior Dragster on display which they can test sit. A drawing/sketching competition is also planned and with many fine prizes. The Speedgroup 2-seat dragster is on display and its driver Linda Sivikko from Västerås and her crew is around to answer questions. Everyone who buys the Speedgroup Drag Racing Magazine during Västerås Summer Meet stand the chance to win a passenger run with Linda in the 2-seat dragster at a selected race track during July or August! In Speedgroups´stand we also have the latest Summit Racing catalogue and an exclusive offer from Summit for the visitors of Västerås Summer Meet!

Contact for more information about the activities in Speedgroups´ stand: Janne Sjöberg 070 5419649 About Speedgroup: We work on the heart of the dragracing sport and operate the biggest competition series in Europe, the Summit Racing EDRS Series, which includes cars and motorcycles, juniors and seniors. Ask us about Drag Racing and the 2017 race calendar.